According to press reports, the cat, who has been famous in many of the social platforms by his angry features, has recently passed away.

According to the British “Telegraph”, the cat, who is described as “grumpy,” died at the age of seven years, an age not early for the animal.

The real name of the cat is Tardar Sauce, who lived in Arizona, and his angry epics were mainly derived from the hereditary dwarf factor, because he came to life and remained short.

The cat enjoyed widespread admiration in social platforms, advertising revenue and donations from several donors, and in the end of his life he had $ 890,000, making the animal a “millionaire”.

“Some days are grumpier than the other,” said the late cat’s mommy, Tabatha Bundesen, in a tweet on Twitter. “The animal is gone because of health problems caused by urinary tract infection.

She noted that advanced health care and family warmth did not succeed in saving the cat, and commentators were greatly influenced by the news of the sudden departure.

The cat has 2.4 million followers on the Instagram site, as well as 1.5 million followers on Twitter, and has turned into an advertising interface for ice cream called Grumppuccinos and appeared in a successful film in the United States.


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Some days are grumpier than others…

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Grumpycat is one of the first petfluencers on social media and his pictures are one of the wide spread pictures on the internet.

RIP grumpy hoping that you’re not annoyed by heaven.